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Bumpa Conveying Machine

Bumpa Conveying Machine

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New shape Shifta


The Shifta Conveyor - 110 Volt 3 phase motor - Lightweight all in one aluminium extruded body - Rubber troughed belt - Heavy duty hopper.

Available in Either 3.2 Metre, 4.4 Metre or 5.4 Metre lengths



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Mace Industries manufacture the SHIFTA range
of portable conveyors for rubble, aggregate, soils, etc, etc..

Lightweight aluminium construction, easily manoeuvred by 1 man, 2 speed motor, deep troughed chevron belt, large hopper for bulk loading. Any load, any distance, up to 45 degrees incline.

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SHIFTA - Portable Conveyor

Running speed slow 20 mtrs/min

Running speed fast 28 mtres/min

Max angle 50 Deg depending on material (eg. Stones, aggregate, soil)

Materials stones, aggregate soil, concrete, chippings etc

Maximum payload 150 kg

In built belt tracking and scraper (scraper front and back)

5kva transformer will run four linked machines

Detachable hopper

2 x mushroom emergency stop buttons, top and bottom

Available in 4.4 mtr lengths (other lengths available)

110 volt electrics 3 phase inverted motor

Lightweight aluminium structure (for ease of moving) with re-enforced sides

Braked wheels

Machine stand for stability and angle adjustment

Adjustable head for tensioning the belt

4.4 meter machine weight : 116.5 kgs
Hopper - 17.6 kgs
Greedy Hopper - 17.3 kgs


Shifta Portable Conveyor complete

Customer Video Examples of the Shifta Conveyors in action






Perfect Conveyor for Skip Loading... Perfect conveyors for moving Screed or Concrete...
Shingle Elevator





Perfect conveyors for Tight Basement work...  




Perfect conveyor for loading Cockles into a boiler...



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Suppliers of portable conveyors, loading machines and conveying systems machines known as Shifta, Uni-Loada, Hoddi and Bumpa 2, as well as other conveying equipment, to be used as a mezzanine loader, shingle elevator, block elevator, tyre elevator, tile elevators and tile hoists and for materials handling.

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