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Tile Hoist

Tile Hoist Portable Loading Machine Bumpa Conveying Systems

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Mace industries was first formed in 1986 by brothers Tony and Richard Mace. Having yearned for an easier way to load roof tiles to the roof, plans were made to build a machine.

The first machine was built in a potting shed in May 1986; this was trialled for the rest of the year lifting many tons of tiles and proved to be of great interest to all who saw it, so in September of 1986, the first ten machines were built, much modified from the original. Then, with further ingenious input from their father, Colin Mace, the machines were finished all but for a name. As roofers the slang term for loading a roof was "bumping out" and so the name "Bumpa" was born.

From those early days the company has gone from strength to strength to reach its position today as a manufacturer of portable conveyors for every aspect of material movement throughout the building and warehouse industries.

Today the new generation of "Bumpa" is the most popular portable loading machine on the market, and that's just one of the machines manufactured by Mace Industries from our 24000 ² foot premises in Corby, Northants.

Our service is second to none and we employ skilled and committed craftsmen to ensure any work we undertake is carried out to the highest possible specification.




Suppliers of portable loading machines and conveying systems machines known as Shifta, Uni-Loada, Hoddi and Bumpa 2, as well as other conveying equipment, to be used as a mezzanine loader, shingle elevator, block elevator, tyre elevator, tile elevators and tile hoists and for materials handling.
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